Recent servererror-php sites: -------------------------------------------------------- servererror-php v0.31 8.04.2008 (edgar) + added ?list function + added placeholder parser, error 626 works now ~ changed 'further infos' part of servererror_new template -------------------------------------------------------- servererror-php v0.3 28.03.2004 (edgar) + Added extended errors support (tips and title) to index.php and iis.php + Added the new servererror design as 'servererror_new' template, the original stays as 'servererror_old' ~ Changed the force mode, one can define a number of variable length now ~ removed some default tips from 'iis' template -------------------------------------------------------- php-servererror v0.2 04.01.2004 + Distributed under the General Public License (GPL) + Added IIS template + Added link in Apache template ~ Fixed favorite ico in ServerError template ~ Changed the way you choose the template in the options ~ Moved all template files in the directory /templates -------------------------------------------------------- php-servererror v0.1 22.12.2003 Initial version